Friday, December 04, 2009

The More, The Merrier -- Nine More Tests Showing The Chip Is Indeed Defective

After a suggestion from rge (who was involved with RealTemp), I decided I would try a number of variations on the tests. The results however are all the same as my earlier tests.

I ran tests with a number of variations: with OCCT, both the CPU test (which is basically Prime95) and Linpack (which is similar to Intel's Burn Test). If you have only 4 GB's and use just a fraction of the memory the test will cycle quickly. However, I have 8 GB's and used 90% of the memory so the cycle time is about seven minutes. I ran Prime95 itself both with large and small FFT's. I also ran i7 Turbo logger at the same time. Some of these screenshots are rather large. My desktop is 1920 x 1080 and I used most of it in the later screenshots to capture everything. Again, just click on the pictures to view them full size. I also included the data from the i7 Turbo log. It shows the data, time, three clock multipliers and the percent CPU load.

12/04/09 15:43:10 20.000 0.001 20.000 1.55
Everything here is normal. The i7 Turbo data agrees with the screenshot.

12/04/09 15:46:44 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00
Here we have throttling with OCCT Linpack. The multipliers have dropped to the minimum value even though we have 100% CPU load.

At 3:43:10pm which is 4 seconds into the test, the i7 Turbo data agrees with the OCCT graph which agrees with the Windows CPU Meter and the live display of i7 Turbo.

Likewise at 3:46:44pm which is 3 minutes 38 seconds into the test, everything shows the same thing: throttling at 100% load.

12/04/09 15:48:20 20.000 0.000 20.000 2.09
Everything normal.

12/04/09 15:51:22 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00

Throttling with 100% load running OCCT CPU Test.

12/04/09 15:53:04 20.000 0.000 20.000 100.00
Everything normal.

12/04/09 15:54:09 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00
Thermal throttling with Prime95 running large FFT.

12/04/09 16:06:09 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00
Some people seem to prefer small FFT; here is Prime95 with small FFT.
And, everything shows throttling.

12/04/09 16:14:44 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00

Again, everything agrees. Throttling with 100% load.

12/04/09 16:17:42 9.000 0.000 9.000 100.00
And, in the last screenshot everything including the i7 Turbo data agrees: we have thermal throttling.

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